Coast In Bikes is a mechanic space that is available to mechanics to rent a bench monthly or daily. Each mechanic is an independent contractor and can be booked individually or the shop can assign the bike repair to the qualified mechanic. Think of it as a saloon or barbershop- but at a bike shop.

During 2019- mechanic training workshops will be offered in the space to the current contractors for free and to mechanics at other shops in the Milwaukee area for a class fee and on our events page.

There are bi-monthly meetings to learn more information and current members to contribute their ideas/thoughts/networking within the shop.

Next Meetings are January 13 and January 27 at 3p at Coast In Bikes
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Interested in finding out more?
Email Carolyn at or call at 414-324-1534


What is the monthly space fee?
Monthly contractors pay $200 per month if they rent during yearly including the months October-March. If monthly contractors choose only April-September- the rent is $350 per month.

All mechanics get 24/7 access to the space with reserved time slots (up to five stands currently)

There is a 3 month trial for monthly contractors for $20 per workorder (up to $200 or $350) instead of the paying at once. After three months- contractors must pay by the 1st of the month if they choose to continue to rent space.

There is also a daily rate of $30 for mechanics who want to use the space occasionally. Mechanics must pass the same tool tests and can only access the space when Coast In Bikes staff or a monthly mechanic is in the space.

What are the expectations for the mechanics?
You choose your schedule, your clients and when you want to work in the space. There is an online scheduling calendar to reserve one of the five spots.

Coast In Bikes will make available repairs from appointments booked with the shop directly and mechanics are expected to maintain their own marketing, expense tracking for personal taxes and outreach to customers.

Mechanics can bring their own tools and there is space to store your tool case or they can use the tools in the space.

Mechanics are expected to file a W9 with Coast In Bikes and fill out paperwork for each workorder to be paid.

Mechanics must pass two certification tests to use the tools- one an overhaul test [bike is provided by Coast In Bikes] and a second optional test for frame prep tools [frame is provided].

There are two meetings a month- mechanics are expected to attend one meeting for space communications between other mechanics and the owner of Coast In Bikes.

What Does Coast In Bikes provide the mechanics?
Coast In Bikes Owner/Staff will clean the space weekly, maintain the bathroom, paying expenses and maintaining a transparent budget for the monthly contractors, ordering parts/inventory weekly, sweep/mop the shop and general cleaning.

Coast In Bikes provides a current customer database, POS access for workorders and inventory and credit card/payment processing. Checks are issued weekly to the contractors based on workorders picked up and paid for from the week prior.

Coast In Bikes maintains three open shop days customers are able to come by without an appointment and pick up their bike without the contractor mechanic being there.

There will be availability for mechanics to be paid to staff some open shop hours and teach classes/events at the space for a hourly rate.

Education and training will be provided for mechanics who are current members for free or a low cost whereas other mechanics outside the space can attend for a fee.

There will be consignment bikes program maintained by the staff that mechanics can put their bikes on consignment.

How much do contractors make?
Monthly mechanics make 100% of their labor after taxes and cc fees and Daily 80% of their labor. There are commissions for monthly and daily contractors for any parts/accessories sold in addition to the labor.

Mechanics will also have personal purchase options available with different discounts depending if they are monthly or daily.