Coast In Bikes Repair School- Group Sessions

How does group sessions work?

  1. Pick the classes your group wants to take.

  2. Each class will be individually scheduled based upon your groups schedule. You can only do max three hours per scheduled session. I.e. Fix-a-Flat is one hour and Brakes Overview is two hours for scheduling two classes at once.

  3. Each class will be discounted based upon the special group pricing depending on the season. You must have 6 to 10 students in order to book a class series.

  4. One person should be the point person for the group to schedule the classes with Coast In Bikes.

  5. Students will pay ahead of time and refunds will not be issues however students can make-up the class next time we offer it to the public.

  6. Each student must sign a waiver before the start of the first class.

  7. Contact Carolyn at to start scheduling.

Group Special Pricing

October to February- 30% Discount

March to April- 25% Discount

May to September- 10% Discount

All class include 10% off any parts and accessories brought before or after class.

Class offerings:
Fix-a-Flat Clinic  | One Hour | $25
Learn the best techniques on how to change a front & rear flat tire. Includes a tube (any size up to $10) and pair of tire levers.

DriveTrain Cleaning & Lube Etiquette | Two Hours | $40
Learn the parts of a bicycle drivetrain and how to clean the “home” way vs the “shop” way. Overview of lubricants and when to use and why. 15% off any lubes special ordered before class.

Brakes Overview Clinic | Two Hours | $40
Gain a mechanical understanding of brakes, learn when and how to maintain your brakes, cable adjustment and replace brake pads

Derailleurs & Shifting Basics | Two Hours | $40
Understand when to shift and why. Learn how to use limit screws and adjust cable tension to adjust derailleurs.

Wheel Basics & Truing | Two Hours | $40
Learn basic wheel atomony and how to true your rear and front wheels.

Drivetrain Overhaul Clinic | Three Hours | $90
This clinic will focus on shifting systems. The class covers removal & reinstallation of the chain, cassette/freewheel, crankset and derailleurs. Customers will also learn how to replace their shift cables & housing (available with a 15% discount).

Bearing Overhaul Class | Three Hours | $90
This 3 hour class will explain most types of bearings used in bicycles and how to overhaul them.  By the end the class you will be rolling along gleefully on freshly overhauled wheels, bottom bracket and headset bearings. Bearings and cones for the course may be purchased at a 10% discount.

Handlebar Wrapping Clinic |  One Hour | $30
This clinic will go over techniques for a professional handlebar tape wrap. Handlebar tape and accessories can be purchased for 15% off.

Wheel Building Class | Two 2-hour sessions | $90
The course is comprised of two 2-hour sessions. Students will leave the class with a new wheel built by their own hands! Students may try for a 2 wheel set if they choose). Students will provide their own materials but will receive 15% off wheel materials if bought through Coast In BIkes. Please come in before the Sunday prior to your class if you intend to order wheel parts. Wheel lacing pattern options for rear wheels include 3x, 2x, and 3x drive/radial non-drive. Front lacing pattern options are 3x, 2x, 1x and radial. Be advised that radial lacing voids most hub manufacturer’s warranties. There will be no spoke cutting in class. Ask Coast In Bikes service department staff to help with spoke calculations when you are purchasing parts. Any exotic lacing patterns must be approved by the class instructor prior to class. PLUS, students of this course get 10% off shop supplies/tools day of class!

Tubeless Tires Clinic | Two 2-Hour Sessions | $50
A two-part clinic that covers over tubeless tire conversions. The first class coves how to set-up tubeless road and mountain tires. DIY tips and techniques will be discussed. The second session is a hands on class with your own tires. 15% off any parts needed for your tubeless set up. Please come in before the Sunday prior to your class if you intend to order parts.

Bike Touring Mechanics | Two Hours | $40
Learn what you need to know how to keep your bike rolling during a bike tour. 1 ½ hour of class instruction with ½ of Q/A and hands-on practice time.

O’Sh*t Road & Trail Repairs | Two Hours | $40
Learn what you need to know how to keep your bike rolling on road and trail rides. 1 ½ hour of class instruction and ½ of hands-on practice time.

Winter Frame Saver Workshop | Two 2-hour sessions | $90
This workshop will cover disassembly and reassembly of your steel bike to apply framesaver. Includes the cost of frame saver.

Winter Maintenance Clinic | One Hour | $25
This clinic will go over how to maintain your winter bike including lubrication, cleaning and maintenance. Includes 15% off any winter related accessories.

Clipless Pedal Clinic | 2 Hours | $25
This clinic will go over the types of clipless pedals, cleats and shoes. Second half of the class includes setting up SPD tester pedals on your bike, wearing tester shoes and doing a ride clinic along the KK River Trail by the shop. 15% off any pedals, cleats and shoes ordered after the clinic.

How to Buy a New or Used Bike Workshop | One Hour  | $10
This workshop goes over what to consider and look for when purchasing a new bike or used bike from a shop, online, craigslist and ebay.